We are all made up of energy vibrating at various frequencies. Every person who has ever been in your home or business leaves behind some of their energy--lower frequencies tend to create unpleasant responses, and higher frequencies tend to create favorable responses. So, all the bad moods, unhappiness, sadness and anger held by those individuals when they were present in your property lingers on. This also includes any negativity and/or trauma from previous residents in and around your home.

Negative energy may cause those who live in your space to experience ill health, sleep issues, including nightmares, mood swings, emotional outbursts, depression, unclear thinking, indecisiveness, and financial problems. Negative energy may cause your business to have financial difficulties, organizational challenges, and employee conflicts. It may also cause you and your staff to experience ill health, emotional outbursts, unclear thinking, indecisiveness, and ineffectiveness.


Spacial Harmonizing is an energetic cleansing of your home and workplace. Whether you simply seek to express gratitude for, and raise the vibration of a space that already feels good and balanced, or you seek to clear a space wherein negative energy has accumulated, creating an environment that feels safer, healthier and happier for those who reside in your home and more efficient and productive for you, your staff, and your business. During the Spacial Harmonizing, we will make an assessment of the entire property, tell you of our findings and clear out the negative energy.


Need to perk things up after awhile--as the energy of your space begins to shift to the negative as a result of the natural wear and tear that people and their baggage leave behind? Consider Spacial Harmonizing at least twice a year, or even quarterly if things are feeling funky.


Spacial Harmonizing can shift the energy to make your property feel warm and inviting. It can also create a positive energy that might make the whole selling process go much smoother.


Before putting a bid on a new home or business location, have us come out to assess the property’s energy to help you determine whether you should place a bid on it.

After purchasing your new property, have us do a Spacial Harmonizing ritual before you move in to create a positive environment for you and your family.


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