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WELCOME to HighVibe mettaverse. We operate within and energy field of loving kindness (Metta), and exist to support your health and wellness goals:




Thai Metta Bodywork is our most beloved specialty due to its overall effectiveness with promoting physical and mental ease, improving mobility,  addressing pain, liberating locked energy, and so much more. It is also an accessible, easily customizable therapy for children, adults, and seniors alike, and can be applied to all body types (you do not have to be flexible or strong; just rest on the mat, fully clothed, and let us honor you with this pain-free therapy). We also offer other bodywork modalities.



While Bodywork can affect subtle energy systems, and energywork can affect the body, as there is no true separation between the two, energywork is focused on manipulating the energies that govern various aspects of the human experience (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually). Some techniques can even be administered without touch. From chakra/meridian balancing and energy kinesiology to ear acupressure and sounding healing, these modalities are known for reducing stress, improving mood, promoting a sense of clarity and ease, and addressing physical and mental distress. 

In-person and On-line Options Available



The reality of the human condition is that we're all wired differently, and from time to time, we could use help navigating some aspects of our lives. Here's how we can help:  

Personal Training

Whether you want tone up, lose some pounds, or support your heart health, we have a personal training and vitality who are ready to meet you at the gym, park, our studio, or your home to help you realize your physical fitness goals.

Life Coaching

If you're in a slump and need a boost, we offer a unique coaching style that integrates intuitive insight, numerology, astrology, life path development and beyond to help assist you on the journey.



We teach a variety of healing arts modalities:

Thai Metta Bodywork Academy (TMBA)

Energy Healing & Reiki

Witchy Ways Workshops

Death Doulaship


You do not have to have a state license to practice in these areas. Optional CE credit is available for LMTs studying Thai Metta Bodywork.

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