Who the hell are you, Adriena, and why should I study with you to learn how to Break Up & Rise Up?

The short answer is that I'm a Coaching Badass. The whole answer is book-worthy (Ha! I'm working on the book). So, how about we just flow with a few chunks of truth: 



I started coaching informally through periods of my life that span through my careers as a high school teacher, college professor, public speaker and mentor. When I awakened to my life's highest purpose as a healing artist a few years back, I discovered a pattern among my client interactions. Most of my clients, especially my female clients, demonstrate a need for more than the  energy healing and bodywork sessions they may have signed up for. They seek guidance, inspiration, and motivation. They want to talk, and be heard. They want to feel less alone in their journey to incite change in their lives. So, we talk. Discover solutions. And, at some point, I gathered informal, professional, and academic life coaching experience, and began offering them as a service. A natural progression, indeed. And as an intuitive, energy medicine practitioner, and bodywork therapist, I bring a unique perspective to my mentoring, teaching, and coaching work.


Breaking up with the bullshit is an important part of the process that I teach, but it's also important to recognize that bullshit can have a purpose that is bigger than the pain it sometimes causes us. When we are open to discovering that purpose, we often learn from it. Grow from it. As fledglings, such discoveries are often latent---months, years later. We may look back and be able to see, from a more objective perspective, why certain shit when down in our lives. In wiser stages of our lives, we may come to recognize the purpose of the bullshit right as it's being slung into our faces. Ha!

My personal brand of bullshit has shown up in many different forms--3 tragic marriages, 3 divorces, a foreclosure, financial ruin, a miscarriage, chronic health concerns, hatred, a literal punch in the gut, a habit of putting the needs others before I have even discovered what I need for myself, reckless relationship choices, living a lie . . . . you name it.

The ultimate gift in it all, the purpose that is bigger than the pain my bullshit has caused me--humility. My story, my life's outrageous plot twists, led me to discover my gifts, my passion, and how I can best contribute to the goodness of the world. I am able to engage with others in a genuine spirit of nonjudgmental empathy and sincere loving kindness. I know what it means to be down and out, to feel trapped, defeated, worthless, and alone. I know the meaning and power of true forgiveness. Because of all the practice I've had  breaking up with my bullshit, I'm damn good at helping others break up with theirs.

Who is this coaching program for?

In a nutshell, this program is designed for women over 30 who are seeking to equip themselves with the tools they need to:


  • let go of unproductive interior dialogues, relationships, job situations, and habits that negatively affect their quality of life

  • and discover their strengths, passion, purpose and the actions needed to embrace a fully empowered and authentic life

Who is this coaching program NOT for?

  • If you have an untreated mental health condition that is a contributing factor to the Bullshit woes you are seeking to address, this program is not for you, as I am not a licensed mental health professional.

  • If you are currently a victim of domestic violence or you have an active drug/alcohol addiction that you are seeking to kick to the curb, this program is not for you, as such needs require assistance beyond my scope of practice (if you are at least 2 years beyond living in an abusive situation, and if you have been sober for at least 2 years, I can help).


  • While I do offer ample of encouragement, mindset coaching, energy healing tools, real life stories from my own humbling experiences, and plenty more, I treat my programs like college level courses. I will not chase you down if you choose to bail on the program because you ran into some uncomfortable feelings. Getting uncomfortable is a part of the process.


  • If you hate the idea of getting real with yourself and with me, I'm probably not the right fit for you, as this program hinges on digging right into your Bullshit.

  • If you find yourself way too scared to follow through on the actions that are necessary for you to incite positive change, or you want to avoid feeling some divine discomfort as you learn new skills and practice them in the real world, then this program is probably not for you. 

  • If you're looking for a quick, fairy godmother fix, and a perfect life, and for someone to just tell you exactly what to do with guarantees that all of your worries will magically disappear, this program is absolutely, . . . most definitely, . . . beyond a shadow of doubt NOT  . . . for . . . you.


  • If you are not prepared to invest the time, energy, and money to save create a life that feels good, that excites you, that has you marveling at the precious power of being a total badass, I'm not the right fit for you.

Is there a refund for this course?

If you need to talk with me to discuss any specific payment questions/concerns you may have, email me or go to my calendar to book a free, 15-minute phone consultation?

However, to answer your refund question: No refunds after the first 14 days of the program.  

Have more questions? Email me.


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