We journey through life cloaked in separateness.

Difference and disparity. Education gaps and 

denied access. Suffering. But . . .

The Village is Alive. . .


We are a beacon of opportunity for healers and seekers to come into oneness with each other through health, wellness & healing education and activation experiences. We close gaps with loving kindness and celebrate life within the high frequency context of our sentient oneness.

Foundations includes an exploration of meditation, sound healing, and breathing exercises, with an emphasis on relaxation, stress reduction, and awakening the inner healer. Students will engage in the learning process through active listening and participation, integrated fun and games that reinforce learning, and Adriena’s multi-sensory, high-energy teaching style. Parents are welcome.


The Village ECHO is an exceptional opportunity for healers to envelope five seekers in a themed education, communication, healing & oneness experience. Participation is by invitation only. Donations and free participation are welcome.

on High

The Village On High is a one to three-day convergence of multiple ECHO events occurring at the same time. The framework allows seekers to experience a similar vibration of intimacy within a larger community context, as well as to participate large-group meditation, workshops, and other health, healing, and wellness-oriented events. 

The Village is Alive was founded by healing arts practitioner and owner HighVibe Living, Adriena Dame, and is led by a diverse group of healers who were are a mission to be of service in humanity.

To inquire, email dame@highvibelivingtherapies.com.

HighVibe University offers interactive, creative, community talks, tune-ups, classes, workshops/trainings, online guidance programs, strategy sessions, dialogues and skillshares that offer participants tangible tools to deepen their individual and collective healing powers and skills. Workshops are designed with the intention of providing individuals and communities with the skills and awareness necessary to bring transformative thinking, practices, and resources back to people’s relationships, homes, workplaces, schools and community spaces.

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