MightyMe Young Healers Academy supports children in identifying and unleashing their healing powers and leadership qualities. Students enrolled in the program engage in deep, intentional learning about various healing modalities, mindfulness practices, and a journey of discovery that awakens them to their own capacity to create healing practices, to form meaningful, compassion-centered community interactions, and to elevate their quality of life. Questions? Email highvibelivingtribe@gmail.com.

Foundations Workshop
Foundations includes an exploration of meditation, sound healing, and breathing exercises, with an emphasis on relaxation, stress reduction, and awakening the inner healer. Students will engage in the learning process through active listening and participation, integrated fun and games that reinforce learning, and Adriena’s multi-sensory, high-energy teaching style. Parents are welcome.

Energy Healing Workshop
Students will be introduced to Reiki, an ancient healing technique that taps into our innate ability to sooth and nurture ourselves and others. The benefits of Reiki are numerous⎯pain and stress relief, emotional release, increased joy, creativity, clarity, . . . Students will engage in a multi-sensory, hands-on study of the concept of “energy,” how to prepare for Reiki through meditation, how to apply Reiki for self healing, and how to offer Reiki to others.


Certificate of Completion

Students who successfully complete both the Foundations and the Energy Healing Workshops will receive a Mighty Me Certificate of Completion.

MightyMe Membership

Students who successfully complete the Foundations and the Energy Healing Workshops, and seem to gravitate to the work and infinite possibilities of how they can further develop their healing and leadership abilities, will be invited to become MightyMe Members, a FREE membership designed to support young people through the process of discovering their personal empowerment, to understand and trust their "specialness" (intuitive abilities, ancient wisdom, dreamworld, healing gifts, . . .), and to navigate through the world with a sense of divine purpose, peace, and joy.


As MightyMe Members, students will:

  • receive a MightyMe Journal

  • receive healing stones/crystals

  • participate in MightyMe Healing Development Classes & Workshops, Compassionate Living & Leadership Trainings, and Teacher Training Programs

  • receive exclusive invitations to serve as workshop assistants, presenters, and community event organizers

  • have opportunities to lead healing clinics, group meditations, workshops and other HighVibe events

  • participate in healing and discussion circles, meditation. . .

  • receive a generous savings on fee-based events

  • & more


Questions? Email adriena@ahastation.com.

HighVibe University offers interactive, creative, community talks, tune-ups, classes, workshops/trainings, online guidance programs, strategy sessions, dialogues and skillshares that offer participants tangible tools to deepen their individual and collective healing powers and skills. Workshops are designed with the intention of providing individuals and communities with the skills and awareness necessary to bring transformative thinking, practices, and resources back to people’s relationships, homes, workplaces, schools and community spaces.

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