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Adriena )Z( Dame owns and operates HighVibe Living, an alternative care clinic, and HighVibe Healing Arts Academy. A multi-speciality healing arts practitioner, alternative care architect, and educator, she uses modalities of diverse origins to address physical imbalances that affect health and wellness, supports emotional and spiritual wellness utilizing intuitive tools, and shows up for people as a Vitality Activation and Sustainability Training (VAST) coach, death doula, and motivational speaker. 

Abby Reams is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant. Helping people improve pain, increase mobility or simply take a moment to relax and care for themselves drives her dedication to this work. She is committed to working collaboratively with her clients, and utilizing years of experience in patient care, along with multi-specialty massage and bodywork techniques, to create dynamic treatments that work toward achieving overall well-being. She looks forward to meeting clients wherever they are on that journey.

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