Step 1: Preliminary Coaching Prep

At the foundation of Couples Coaching is a an integrated energy reading that is rooted in astrological and numerological data and other spiritual insights gleaned in advance of our first session (in person or virtual). The reading addresses various vibrational influences that affect your relationship, and how to cultivate the synergy needed to help your relationship flourish.


Step 1: Reading

During our first session, I share with you insights regarding my astrological, numerological, and other spiritual findings, and we engage in a discussion designed to help us establish an understanding of what you are seeking to discover and shift, and what you feel that you each need in order to feel safe and supported throughout our collaboration.

Step 3: Planning

During our second session, we plan a framework for the initial stages of our coaching partnership (i.e. how often we will meet in person or virtually, what coaching tools will be applied during the scope of your action plan--i.e. homework, special projects, check-ins, and more . . .).

Step 4 & Beyond: Coaching

Now that we have our initial plan in place, coaching sessions (in persona & virtual) vary from person to person, depending on your illuminated needs. Here are some examples of some of the most common tools I have used during Cosmic Coaching sessions: regularly scheduled discussions/sharing, ritual bodywork, massage, acupressure, NADA Protocol Ear Acupuncture, Reiki, meditation, Tarot/Oracle readings, shamanic journeying, meridian therapy, life mapping, quest development, discovery missions, homework and special projects, routine check-ins and feedback responses, . . .


There are a couple of different Cosmic Coaching Comprehensive fee options to choose from, as well as options that include the astrological and/or numerology readings only. Click HERE for more information.

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