Yoga Styles

There are many different styles of yoga.

Although they are all based on the same postures, each has a particular emphasis.


Here is your "Quick Guide" to some common Yoga Styles:

ANUSARA - Light-hearted; Props often used; Strong emphasis on physical alignment

HATHA - Gentle; Slow-paced; Good introduction

ASHTANGA - Intense; Fast-paced; Set series of poses in single order

BIKRAM - "Hot Yoga"; Room is 100-103 degrees; Set series of 26 poses; Cleansing through profuse sweating

IYENGAR - Focus on body alignment; Poses held longer; Use of props encouraged

JIVAMUKI - Intense; Emphasis on meditation, and spirituality; Often includes chanting

KRIPALU - Style of HATHA; Emphasis on meditation, physical healing, and spirituality; Focus on looking inward

KUNDALINI - Emphasis on breath (prana); Rapid, repetitive movement; Often includes chanting

VINYASA - Movement synchronized to breath; Includes series of Sun Salutations

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