Reiki means “universal life force energy” … the consciousness of the universe that flows through every living thing. The purpose of Reiki is to increase the available life force within us, which ultimately serves to balance the mind and body, relieve physical and emotional stress, strain and pain, and encourage healing. Study Reiki for self-care purposes, or become a certified HighVibe Reiki Rising practitioner or Master Teacher and learn how to share your natural ability to sooth and nurture yourself and others.

What You Will Learn
Reiki Rising I & II Training explores applicable history and ethics; the processes and protocols for initiating self-protection, preparing sacred space, using Reiki energy for self and others, including Gassho meditation, community meditation, energy scanning, dry bathing, hand placements, symbols and applications; distance healing, chakra awareness, emotional release, intuitive development, and ample hands-on practice, Reiki shares, and reflection. This training workshop also includes spiritual attunements & certificates of completion.


Reiki Rising III is a Master Teacher level of Reiki. With the foundations of Reiki I & II secured in your “medicine bag” and your desire to teach Reiki and develop other healers, you   are prepared to explore the dynamic content of Reiki III & Master Teacher training. In addition to reinforcing your previous learning, you will receive the Master Reiki attunement, learn the Master Reiki symbol and how to give the Reiki attunements to others, discover how to send Reiki into the past and the future, read Akashic records, and teach Reiki to others, including developing effective teaching pedagogies, philosophies, and an economic accessibility framework.

This training workshops includes spiritual attunements & certificates of completion.

Who Will Guide You
Reiki Master Adriena Dame (yours truly). I am on a mission to awaken individuals, families, and communities to methods of accessing and utilizing tools for improving their quality of life (i.e. relieving physical, emotional, and spiritual stress, strain, pain, and imbalances through various self-care practices and holistic therapies). As a licensed massage therapist, ritual bodywork practitioner, intuitive, energist and coach, I am equipped with a unique body of insight that has allowed me to construct a dynamic, multi-sensory, hands-on training and continued education framework for my students.

HighVibe Support
Once you successfully complete your Reiki Rising I & II, you will be invited to participate in periodic Reiki Rising shares, HighVibe Healing Villages, professional development classes/workshops, direct mentorship opportunities, and other enriching experiences. Members also receive a generous savings on various fee-based services and events.


October 26th (Saturday) . 9am-5pm, $150

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October 27th (Sunday) . 9am-5pm

Prerequisite: Reiki Rising I & II

Express Your Interest in scheduling a Reiki Rising Workshop for 2-3 people on dates that will accommodate your busy schedule.


Oct 11 . Nov 8 . Dec 13

I host a Reiki share once a month for my students so they have an opportunity to practice Reiki and to share their healing energy. I don’t charge a fee, but Karma Cash Donations (monies that are used to help me serve those who are economically challenged) are welcome.


This share gives my students an opportunity to practice their new skills, regardless of which level of Reiki they have, connect with other like-minded individuals, and find out how their energy is received or how they receive and sense energy from different people. This also provides a safe, positive, and non-judgmental environment for students to share what they sense and experience when they give and receive Reiki energy and learn more about gifts they may have.

The share has a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 participants. Each person receives a treatment during the share and will give treatments to 2 to 5 people (depending on the number of participants). Each person gets a chance to play a different role during the share. For example, they may be leading a treatment during the share, which includes providing the invocation for the session, leading the session, and then closing the session; or perhaps, they may be the timer for the session keeping track of time and letting participants know when it’s time to change hand positions.

The share is 2 hours long. The first half hour of the share consists of a short round of introductions or if everyone has attended the share before catching up a bit with each other. Then we listen to a guided meditation. There are specially themed shares throughout the year (i.e. during an equinox, we may do a different meditation or activity).  The remaining 1.5 hours everyone takes turns at both giving and receiving Reiki energy.


HighVibe University offers interactive, creative, community talks, tune-ups, classes, workshops/trainings, online guidance programs, strategy sessions, dialogues and skillshares that offer participants tangible tools to deepen their individual and collective healing powers and skills. Workshops are designed with the intention of providing individuals and communities with the skills and awareness necessary to bring transformative thinking, practices, and resources back to people’s relationships, homes, workplaces, schools and community spaces.

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