Calling Women & Families

HighVibe University is mentoring Women and Families through the process of cultivating fully-empowered lives--mind, body, soul, and spirit, and to discover who they are not only as humans, but as facilitators of healing.


Students enrolled in this program engage in extensive, often fun-filled, explorations of:

  • the self (the physical self, the mind, the soul, the spirit)

  • primary relationships

  • primary roles

  • holism studies (how to optimize the vitality of the whole self)

  • how to engage in effective communication with others

  • how to discover your passion and your purpose

  • a survey of meditation practices

  • as survey of energy healing practices, and how to use them to serve others

  • a survey of movement practices

  • how to raise the frequency of your vibration and inhabit a spirit of joy


Students will receive their Reiki Level 1 and 2 practitioner attunements, and upon program completion, they will receive certification.


Structure. There are 3 tracks available for this program:

1. Women: This highly interactive track allows for women to engage with

1. Mother-Child: This highly interactive track allows for mothers and their children (girls and boys are welcome) to learn and grow together. Content for the course will include that which is specific to the family, as well as content that is specifically for the mother only.

1st Quarter: Self

2nd Quarter –Others

3rd Quarter – Healing

4th Quarter – HighVibe Living

Definition of Terms

I subscribe to the idea that curse words are sometimes the most honest and clarifying words we can use when certain aspects of our lives go awry  and we find ourselves struggling to create the peace of mind, the joy, the satisfaction . . . we so deeply long for. But I'm not just slinging expletives for the fun of it. Here's the deal:

BULLSHIT: that which is within our control and is no longer serving us--people, habits, circumstances, you name it.

BADASS: someone who is willing to discover and embrace her power and use it for good not matter how hard it gets.

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