Calling All Women Over 0 who are ready to elevate their quality of life.

  • What's the fastest way to harness your personal brand of badass, balance, and bliss?

  • What's the fastest way to test drive a fully empowered version of yourself?

ANSWER: The BURU Method--Learning how to Break Up with all of the bullshit that hinders your ability to Rise Up with your unique brand of inner Badass-- the negative mind chatter, the people, the habits, the oblivion, the past . . . the yuck that taints your yum.

Definition of Terms

I subscribe to the idea that curse words are sometimes the most honest and clarifying words we can use when certain aspects of our lives go awry  and we find ourselves struggling to create the peace of mind, the joy, the satisfaction . . . we so deeply long for. But I'm not just slinging expletives for the fun of it. Here's the deal:

BULLSHIT: that which is within our control and is no longer serving us--people, habits, circumstances, you name it.

BADASS: someone who is willing to discover and embrace her power and use it for good not matter how hard it gets.


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