If you feel like you need to develop sustainable tools to reduce and manage stress, discover your spark, your passion, your purpose, align with your natural capacity to heal, cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and others, elevate your quality of life, . . . HighVibe Living Cluster Coaching program is a great place to start.

The Perks

Not only is the Cluster Coaching ridiculously affordable and impactful,

it's super convenient and flexible.

The Framework

Three weeks of content released via video recording, live group video chats, the option for one-on-one voice call check-ins with your coach, and the option to continue your coaching experience for only $30 per month.

The Content

Week 1: Energy

You will learn about the power of Vibrational Energy and how impacts your life. You will also receive an Energy Essence Assessment derived from various readings that your coach will administer using one or more of the following spiritual tools: astrological reading, numerology reading, Tarot/oracle reading, pendulum inquiry, Shamanic journeying, and other forms of spiritual/energetic channeling.

Week 2: Meditation

You will learn how to develop a sustainable, self-guided, meditation practice.

Week 3: Courage

You will learn how to face whatever aspect of yourself that needs facing, whatever is holding you back, keeping you small, limiting your potential, . . .



Cluster Coaching: $90

Repeat Cluster Coaching Cluster (optional): $60

Extended Cluster Coaching (optional): $30 monthly auto-debit


Each theme-based Cluster Coaching series occurs during the first three weeks of the month, unless otherwise noted. To register, submit your Registration Form and your payment at least one week in advance of start date.

October 1-21

November 1-21

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