About Energy

We are all energy vibrating at various frequencies that affect our mind, body, soul and beyond. The higher the frequency, the greater our quality of life. Every thought we have, every choice we make, every experience we encounter affects the quality of our vibration.


Low-frequency vibrations tend to render sluggishness, fear, anxiety, depression, physical pain, illness, confusion, hopelessness, . . . And on the wonderful flip side, high-frequency vibrations manifest improved vitality, joy, immunity, clarity, hopefulness, resiliency and other life-giving benefits.

The key to inhabiting a HighVibe life is learning to recognize when you are operating at a low frequency, discovering how to raise your vibration, and determining how to protect your vibrations from unwanted disruptions as much as possible. One way to tend to your energy fields is by using vibrational energy medicine. 


Vibrational Energy Medicine

Vibrational Energy Medicine dates back to the creation of all living things, and has continued to radiate its value in the ancient civilizations of the Egyptians, Lemurians, Aztecs, and the Chinese and in modern day societies. Rooted in the fundamental premise that every thought or experience you have had in your life is imprinted in your energy field (aura). If you get stuck in certain thought patterns, behaviors or experience certain emotions over and over again, these energy patterns thicken and move closer to your physical body. This often results in physical and emotional pain manifesting in your body. You might wonder why you keep attracting the same situations or people again and again. This is also due to a strong energy pattern in your system. Unless you clear those energy blockages, things will stay the same.

Energy medicine utilizes techniques derived from ancient healing traditions. The flow, balance, and harmony of subtle energy systems that exist in and around the body are non-invasively restored and maintained by tapping, massaging, pinching, twisting, or connecting specific energy points (acupoints) on the skin; by tracing or swirling the hand over the skin along specific energy pathways; through exercises or postures designed for specific energetic effects; by focused use of the mind to move specific energies; and/or by surrounding an area with healing energies. Energy medicine is commonly used to treat illness and relieve pain; stop the onset of illness as soon as it begins, stimulate immune function, relieve headaches, release stress, improve memory, enhance digestion, relieve arthritis, neck, shoulder, and low back pain, and cope with electromagnetic pollution.

So, . . . in a nutshell, the most important point to note is that your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, attitudes, and physical bodies are made of energy, often referred to as “life force.” The higher the quality of your energy vibrations, the better. Thus, the goal of vibrational energy medicine is to encourage equilibrium and balance so that you can function at your best.

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